How To Turn Your Climbing Mount Fuji Adventure From Blah Into Fantastic

Hiking Japan’s highest peak can give you an exhilarating rush of emotions. Maybe that why it has always been an iconic and popular climb for both locals and travellers alike.  Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner hiker, climbing Mt. Fuji should be on your bucket list.     When To Go For A Hike Official climbing season for Mt. Fuji is usually around early July to mid-September. This is when all the… View Post

11 of the Safest and Best Bike Routes in Vancouver

With its extensive bike lanes, good weather condition, panoramic sceneries, Vancouver is considered a haven for all cyclists out here. You can peddle in the city’s multitude of great paths that ranges from urban routes inside the city and more extreme trails outside the metropolis. You can enjoy exploring the city beaches, parks, and many more attractions as you travel in the different bike routes in Vancouver. So if you are feeling adventurous and want… View Post

Best Month To See The Northern Lights in Iceland

One of the greatest dreams that can be found in every traveller’s bucket list is to watch the glorious and majestic dances of Northern lights in Iceland. To watch the dazzling, colorful lights in the vast clear sky is a truly must see attraction that we should not miss. But before you pack your bags and satisfy your wanderlust, here’s your guide to the best month to see the Northern lights in Iceland and other… View Post

Interesting Korean Dining Etiquette That You Need To Know

Korea has a very rich culture. And this rich culture is reflected in their traditional practices. You will only better understand their culture if you are aware of their traditions. We have listed down some of the things that you should observe when dining in a Korean household or restaurant. Take note of this Korean dining etiquette to ensure that you have a great Korean dining experience.   Before The Meal Wait for your turn… View Post

Top 10 Places To Visit In Seoul, South Korea

As a sprawling metropolis, Seoul brims with hyper-modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and colourful pop culture. Aside from that, it also has the traditional feel of Korean culture as seen from its old villages and palaces and as portrayed in a wide variety of Korean shows and media. That is why, there is no better place to experience real Korean culture than to visit Seoul. Here are the top ten places that you must see when… View Post