Best Mt Fuji Accommodation That Offers Spectacular Viewing Spots

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One of the famous tourist spots in Japan, Mt. Fuji is the country’s highest peak and most prominent mountain. Locals considered it as a sacred mountain and has been a pilgrimage site for centuries. Its unique magnificence is only emphasized every changing season. With its majestic beauty, it promises an unforgettable travel experience and memory to any wanderlust. So if you are planning to visit Japan and have a peek at its most famous and sacred mountain, here are the best Mt. Fuji accommodation that you should try.


  1. Fuji Premium Resort

Lying at the foot of Mt. Fuji, guests of Fuji Premium Resort can marvel at the magnificent beauty of the famous Japanese sacred peak. Aside from the unobstructed view of the mountain, this high end resort is also surrounded by natural sceneries as it is nestled in a quiet forest. Guest will also enjoy the many amenities that the resort offers like its different sports facilities and a variety of lodging options. It also has a restaurant where you can eat a variety of Japanese and Western Cuisine with Mt. Fuji as your background. A famous getaway vacation place for locals and foreigners, the resort is always fully booked especially during holidays.  


Website: |

Contact Number: 0555-73-1168 Front Desk

How To Get There: From Tokyo take a cab via Chuo and Tomei Expressways; If traveling by train or bus, the resort offers a free shuttle ride stationed in Kawaguchiko and Fujikyu-Highland Highway bus stop.


  1. Sakuraan Kawaguchiko Hotel

Aside from being located near Mt. Fuji, the hotel also brims with exciting amenities and recreational facilities that guests will definitely enjoy. It is known as a ‘spa’ hotel as it provides total relaxation and rejuvenation experiences.It has a wide range of hot tubs and spa facilities that includes spa baths, saunas and a relaxation lounge. The hotel also has a restaurant that offers healthy Japanese-fusion dishes.



Contact Number: +64-9985-3513 (International)

How To Get There:  It is a 10-minute drive from Kawaguchiko Train Station


  1. Fuji Lake Hotel

Strategically located on the clear shores of Lake Kawaguchiko at the foot of Mt. Fuji, this hotel is one of the top hotels that you should visit if you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the mountain. With its good location, guests can enjoy the surrounding sceneries that change every season. Aside from that, they also offer comfortable hotel rooms complemented by private hot spring bathtubs, sauna and Jacuzzi.



Contact Number: +81-555-72-2209 (International)

How To Get There: From Tokyo take a train at Shinjuku Station going to Otsuki Station to Kawaguchiko Station. You can also try riding an expressway bus to Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit Bus Terminal going to Kawaguchiko Station.  From Kawaguchiko Station a hotel shuttle van will pick you up.


  1. Konansou

mt fuji accommodation: konansou

Image by Konansou

This hotel is also one of the main picks if you want to enjoy watching the mountain. The place has two public baths (one for men, and one for women) that are both facing the mountain. You can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating bath while watching the magnificence of Mt. Fuji. The resort also offers shiatsu massage, spa treatment, an amusement arcade, 3 karaoke booths, a coffee shop and a bar.



Contact Number: +81 555-72-2166 (International)

How To Get There: From Fujikyu Railway Kawaguchiko Station you can reach the hotel on foot for 10 mins or by car for 3 mins.


  1. Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

mt fuji accommodation: fuji onsenji yumedono

Private open air bath. Image by Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

One of the best Mt. Fuji accomodation, this Japanese style inn brims with authentic Japanese culture. From hotel rooms, hot spring baths to a wide variety of amenities – you will experience pure Japanese culture by staying in this hotel. You’ll also feast with the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji while you are here. Aside from being close to the popular mountain, the hotel is also near a wide range of tourist spots like the Lake Kawaguchiko, Nagasaki Park, and Oishi Park, to name a few.


Website:  |

Contact Number: +81-555-72-6108 (International)

How To Get There: It is a 15 minute walk on foot from Kawatuchiko Station


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