Interesting Gobi Desert Tours That You Need To Experience

gobi desert tours: gobi desert

Mongolia may not be one of the places that would pop up into your mind when you think about traveling. But despite of its elusive popularity, Mongolia is one of the most fascinating places that you can go to especially if you are looking for interesting sceneries and unforgettable adventure. And one of the best things that you can try in this vast and rugged country is wanderlusting in the Gobi Desert.


Aside from being one of the largest deserts in the world, Gobi is also the most notable place in the Mongol Empire as it is the location of several important cities. It is not only rich in culture and history, but it also brims with exciting adventure and tours.


So if you are looking for a crazy nomadic adventure, here are Gobi desert tours that you need to try:


Sand Dunes of Khongoryn Els (Singing Dunes)

gobi desert tours: khankhoriin els

Image by Blue Peak

If you are a trek freak, you don’t want to miss climbing the soft, fine sands of the Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes. It is the largest and the most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia that you must see once you are in the Gobi Desert. If you think climbing a mountain is hard, wait till you try climbing a sand dune. Your step will get stuck in the soft sands that seems to pull you down as you try to climb. But every step is worth it once you reach the top and witness the marvelous sunrise.


Oasis of Bayankhongor Aimag

If you got tired of travelling in the vast desert, the small, isolated oasis in the southern part of the Gobi, known as the Ekhiingol, is a must see sanctuary that you don’t want to miss. This small oasis in the barren desert is used to be an important agricultural research station. But now, it has become the home of almost 20 nomadic families. Locals grow plants and vegetables for a living. But export and import of products are nearly impossible because there are no flights here and the capital is 400 km far.


Wildlife of Southern Altai

gobi desert tours: wildlife of southern altai

Image by Severin Stalder

Southern Altai is the host of rare indigenous Gobi desert animals. Some of the wildlife you can find here includes the Przewalski horse, the world’s last wild horse; the Gobi bear; the golden eagle; and Bactrian two-humped camels. If you are coming during winter you might see some snow leopards roaming around here.


Dino Eggs at the Flaming Cliffs

Named because of its beautiful flaming colors, Flaming Cliffs is said to be the place where the very first dinosaur egg in Mongolia was discovered. There’s no more dino eggs here, but you will still be in awe with the spectacular view.


These are just some of the must see Gobi desert tours that you must not miss once you travel in Mongolia. But before travelling here, we have a few reminders that we want you to remember, for a safer and more exciting travel.


Here are few reminders about Gobi Desert tours:

  • Make sure to arrange accommodation and tours with trusted travel agencies. You may arrange your tours with your chosen hotel in Mongolia.


  • Van renting is also an option when travelling to the Gobi Desert. However, beware of drunk drivers. There are a number of reported cases of drivers who are often drunk when touring visitors. There are also some who steals and try to rip off travelers.


  • Check the weather before travelling to help you prepare. There is an extreme cold during winter that usually starts as early as September


  • Research and check out some travel reviews to help you decide. Be aware of the culture and know some basic information about the location to avoid any conflicts.


  • Lastly, don’t hold back on trying all the wonderful activities in the area. Have fun and enjoy the trip.


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Keep roving!