Best Mt Fuji Accommodation That Offers Spectacular Viewing Spots

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One of the famous tourist spots in Japan, Mt. Fuji is the country’s highest peak and most prominent mountain. Locals considered it as a sacred mountain and has been a pilgrimage site for centuries. Its unique magnificence is only emphasized every changing season. With its majestic beauty, it promises an unforgettable travel experience and memory to any wanderlust. So if you are planning to visit Japan and have a peek at its most famous and sacred mountain, here are the best Mt. Fuji accommodation that you should try.


  1. Fuji Premium Resort

Lying at the foot of Mt. Fuji, guests of Fuji Premium Resort can marvel at the magnificent beauty of the famous Japanese sacred peak. Aside from the unobstructed view of the mountain, this high end resort is also surrounded by natural sceneries as it is nestled in a quiet forest. Guest will also enjoy the many amenities that the resort offers like its different sports facilities and a variety of lodging options. It also has a restaurant where you can eat a variety of Japanese and Western Cuisine with Mt. Fuji as your background. A famous getaway vacation place for locals and foreigners, the resort is always fully booked especially during holidays.  


Website: |

Contact Number: 0555-73-1168 Front Desk

How To Get There: From Tokyo take a cab via Chuo and Tomei Expressways; If traveling by train or bus, the resort offers a free shuttle ride stationed in Kawaguchiko and Fujikyu-Highland Highway bus stop.


  1. Sakuraan Kawaguchiko Hotel

Aside from being located near Mt. Fuji, the hotel also brims with exciting amenities and recreational facilities that guests will definitely enjoy. It is known as a ‘spa’ hotel as it provides total relaxation and rejuvenation experiences.It has a wide range of hot tubs and spa facilities that includes spa baths, saunas and a relaxation lounge. The hotel also has a restaurant that offers healthy Japanese-fusion dishes.



Contact Number: +64-9985-3513 (International)

How To Get There:  It is a 10-minute drive from Kawaguchiko Train Station


  1. Fuji Lake Hotel

Strategically located on the clear shores of Lake Kawaguchiko at the foot of Mt. Fuji, this hotel is one of the top hotels that you should visit if you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the mountain. With its good location, guests can enjoy the surrounding sceneries that change every season. Aside from that, they also offer comfortable hotel rooms complemented by private hot spring bathtubs, sauna and Jacuzzi.



Contact Number: +81-555-72-2209 (International)

How To Get There: From Tokyo take a train at Shinjuku Station going to Otsuki Station to Kawaguchiko Station. You can also try riding an expressway bus to Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit Bus Terminal going to Kawaguchiko Station.  From Kawaguchiko Station a hotel shuttle van will pick you up.


  1. Konansou

mt fuji accommodation: konansou

Image by Konansou

This hotel is also one of the main picks if you want to enjoy watching the mountain. The place has two public baths (one for men, and one for women) that are both facing the mountain. You can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating bath while watching the magnificence of Mt. Fuji. The resort also offers shiatsu massage, spa treatment, an amusement arcade, 3 karaoke booths, a coffee shop and a bar.



Contact Number: +81 555-72-2166 (International)

How To Get There: From Fujikyu Railway Kawaguchiko Station you can reach the hotel on foot for 10 mins or by car for 3 mins.


  1. Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

mt fuji accommodation: fuji onsenji yumedono

Private open air bath. Image by Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

One of the best Mt. Fuji accomodation, this Japanese style inn brims with authentic Japanese culture. From hotel rooms, hot spring baths to a wide variety of amenities – you will experience pure Japanese culture by staying in this hotel. You’ll also feast with the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji while you are here. Aside from being close to the popular mountain, the hotel is also near a wide range of tourist spots like the Lake Kawaguchiko, Nagasaki Park, and Oishi Park, to name a few.


Website:  |

Contact Number: +81-555-72-6108 (International)

How To Get There: It is a 15 minute walk on foot from Kawatuchiko Station


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11 of the Safest and Best Bike Routes in Vancouver


With its extensive bike lanes, good weather condition, panoramic sceneries, Vancouver is considered a haven for all cyclists out here. You can peddle in the city’s multitude of great paths that ranges from urban routes inside the city and more extreme trails outside the metropolis. You can enjoy exploring the city beaches, parks, and many more attractions as you travel in the different bike routes in Vancouver. So if you are feeling adventurous and want to hit the road, here are the best leisurely and safe bike routes that you can travel to in Vancouver:


Gear up and let the crazy bike ride begin.


  1. Stanley Park Seawall

bike routes vancouver: Stanley Park

It is one of the most beautiful parks and best biking rides in the city. It is not as tough as the other bike routes in the city, but you will surely enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view in Vancouver. Biking here is the great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Aside from bikers, there are also runners and rollerbladers who enjoy its paved path.


Suggested Bike Route: Start with Lost Lagoon to Georgia Street to Stanley Park totem poles and end to English Bay. The path continues to False Creek to Granville Island.


  1. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

bike routes vancouver: Pacific Spirit Regional Park

If you are looking for a weekend of day long rides, this is the best trail for you. The biking trails vary in difficulty. But you will surely enjoy the ride as it will bring you to the majestic urban forest. You don’t have to go that far for wild adventure. You can get lost and feel it here.


Suggested Bike Route: Start at Jericho Beach to UBC to Spanish Bank and lastly to Pacific Spirit Regional Park


  1. UBC Loop

It is outside the city boundary that rests on a peninsula. The UBC is one of the most beautiful universities in Canada. It brims with good scenery that is perfect for relaxation and reflection. The loop is just a simple ride around the campus area.

Suggested Bike Route: From Blanca to UBC highway to Thunderbird Stadium to Kitsilano


  1. Sunset Beach

bike routes vancouver: Sunset Beach

If you are looking for a trail where you can enjoy a good beach scene, then your best way is to pedal along in Sunset Beach. In here, you will feast in the view of Vancouver’s beaches and urban waterfront areas. Along the journey, you may visit museums and detour to Granville Island to experience an array of dining options.


Suggested Bike Routes: Start at Sunset Beach continue to False Creek to a number of museums (Science World and Vancouver Maritime Museum) detour to Granville Island and end at Kitsilano Beach


  1. Central Valley Greenway

It is your gateway to metropolitan neighbourhoods, historic shopping districts and scenic natural areas. You may stop along the road to explore nearby neighbourhoods, see wildlife or enjoy a cold drink at an outdoor cafe.


Suggested Bike Routes: Starts at Science World on False Creek to Commercial Drive to Burnaby and end to New Westminster


  1. Queen Elizabeth Park – VanDusen Botanical Gardens

bike routes vancouver: Queen Elizabeth Park

If you just want to relax and be surrounded by nature, bike around here and enjoy the lush gardens and parks. You won’t just enjoy the ride going here, but also the destination where you will be welcomed by green and relaxing spaces.


Suggested Bike Routes: Start at Midtown/Ridgeway or Ontario Street bike route to Queen Elizabeth Park continue to 37th Avenue For the VanDusen Botanical Garden


  1. Steveston


According to BC Living, it is one of the best trails in the region. The path will take you through marshlands, a heritage shipyard, and to a little fishing village.


Suggested Bike Routes: Start at No. 5 Road and Dyke Road in Richmond to Steveston Dyke to Fraser River to central Richmond


  1. Yaletown

bike routes vancouver: Yaletown

If you are planning to bike during the night, this route is your best choice. The ride is very exciting at night since all of the Yaletowners and Olympic Village residents are out to party and play. You can end your ride at Granville Island for a nice and sumptuous dinner.


Suggested Bike Routes: Start at English Bay or Sunset Beach then Yaletown to Granville Island, around False Creek


  1.  Downtown Loop

bike routes vancouver: Downtown Loop

If you just want to bike around the city, take this bike route and enjoy the cold air. Reward yourself with some cold drink or gelato after.


Suggested Bike Routes: Starts at Convention Centre continue to seawall then Stanley Park to Alberni Street to Burrard to Comox/Helmcken bike path to Hornby and back to Convention Centre


  1. Spanish Banks Loop

bike routes vancouver: Spanish Banks Loop

If you want to pedal so fast, this trail is best for you. Test your speed and enjoy a very good bike ride here with the breathtaking view of the surroundings


Suggested Bike Routes: Starts at the east end of Spanish Banks to  Marine Drive to UBC and back


  1. Pipeline: Mt. Fromme, North Vancouver

bike routes vancouver: Pipeline- Mt. Fromme, North Vancouver

According to, it is a difficult bike trail in Vancouver. It is an armoured trail that only experienced cyclists are can traversed. For about two kilometres you have to climb over berms, ladders and natural single-track. It is highly recommended to wear a lot of padding before proceeding with this trail since you’ll have a lot of chances to get hurt here.


Other recommended trails: Seventh Trail and Upper Oil Can


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