Our Beliefs

We believe that travelling is the perfect catalyst for happiness. Different people from different parts of the world define happiness differently. But if it makes the locals smile, we’re sure it will make you smile too. Because happiness is very infectious.

We believe that travelling makes us appreciate the things we take for granted. Being away from home makes us see things from a different perspective. We see that there are people who have less and yet they are happy and content. We experience new cultures, we break our routines, and we challenge new boundaries. And once we come home, we realize that life is good. And that makes all the difference.

We believe that travelling gives us time to breathe, to simply just be. It gives us a moment to enjoy a sunrise on top of a mountain, or the sunset by the beach, or to simply breathe in the beauty around us. It gives us a moment of peace and quiet. It makes us see within ourselves and realize that we are enough, and we have enough. And that is something we take home with us to get through another day.


The Stories We Tell

Everyone has a story to tell, and we are no exception. We want to tell you our stories with our own voice

We aim to inform. We want to tell you that the world is not such a scary place to be compared to what the news portrays it to be.

We aim to inspire. We want to encourage you, to just go, pack up, and leave home for a little bit at a time. Because if you look past all the cliches, you’ll see that the world has a lot more to give.



We want to build a community with you. We believe that sharing stories will continue to inspire us to travel more, and will make us strive to work everyday to become better.

We believe in the value of listening. We w ant to show you that we take the time to hear you out on your opinions, that all voices need to be heard.

So here’s to all the memories we will capture together.